About Me


Hi I’m Andrew Escay. I am learning, working, and playing with data in the pursuit of becoming a professional data scientist!

What’s This Blog For?

I decided to create this blog to help me reinforce my learning as I gain more skills relevant to the data industry. I hope to make it a platform to help people learn the skills to build holistic data infrastructure systems within an organization - ranging from engineering, analytics, and science applications.

I would guess that most of my posts will have something to do with the application of a specific technology and a use case. However, every now and then, don’t be surprised to see a post related to approaches, opinion pieces, or data related news!

Skills & Technologies:

Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Project Management, Public Speaking


I’ve worked on various data science and analytics problems across 5 different organizations (research institutions, startups, and corporations).

My skills mainly come from the experiences mentioned above, and I complement that learning by taking various online courses and attending seminars and conferences.

In university, I held positions in the leadership team of 2 innovative student organizations:

I also dabbled in a couple hackathons:

as well as marketing and business case competitions:

For more details, or if you would like to connect, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn!